The Benefits Of Reglazing Your Bathtub

A bathtub past its prime can be a detriment to an otherwise acceptable bathroom. Over the years, a tub gets a lot of wear and tear from homeowners. The surface wears down and becomes more porous, and it becomes more vulnerable to stains, chips, and even mold. You may be able to hide a nasty tub, but deep inside, you know what is lurking behind that closed shower curtain.  Bathtub Reglazing , as part of a bathroom renovation, is and has been a popular home improvement.  A high number of homeowners in the area have chosen to restore their old bathtubs instead of replacing them with entirely new ones, for a number of reasons.



Perhaps the biggest advantage to resurfacing an older tub is a financial one. A tub replacement is not always the best choice for a homeowner.  Ripping out the old fixture and replacing it with new carries a hefty price tag, while allowing a professional to give it a like new shine can be done for a fraction of the cost. Consider the lower expense of a Bathtub Reglazing, or even ask a trusted professional. Taking advantage of this saving could give you more money for another part of the job.  More often than not, a new surface, professionally applied will be the wisest choice.



Removing and disposing of an old bathtub is a huge, time consuming undertaking. Its massive and bulky to work with, can damage other areas of the house on its way out, and leaves a mess behind, and that is only part of the job. You still have to bring in and install the new tub. Of course, you can hand the job over to professionals, but consider the cost of a labor intensive job like moving out and replacing a tub, adjustments to plumbing to accommodate the new tub, and the repair of any tiling disrupted by the process. How much time is needed to all of these tasks, and how long will the bathroom and tub be out of commission? A professionally applied surface for your tub can sometimes be completed in a day or less.


It is important to find a reputable and trustworthy professional, with experience and skill, to complete your Bathtub Reglazing. Done correctly, all evidence of flaws and damage like holes, cracks, and chips will be gone.

Remodeling your bathroom can provide a whole new look and boost the value of your home. It can also be one of the more expensive renovations.  Give Bathtub Reglazing some serious consideration. You will get the look you’re after and save some money in the long run.

Bathtub Resurfacing Creates A New Look Without A New Tub Price Tag
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