Some Bathtub Reglazing Tips.

Bathtub reglazing is very similar to bathtub refinishing. Both of them involve the restoration of worn-out tubs, getting them back into perfect condition. Bathtubs that are reglazed look very new and inviting. Bathtub reglazing can be quite an elaborate process. It doesn’t involve any heating like traditional glazing does. Soap scum and body oils are among the first things to be removed during the reglazing process. 2-step cleaners help to make the tub surfaces sparkling clean. There are nutrients on some tub surfaces that are hard to remove.

The second step in cleaning tub surfaces is to repair all the chips and cracks that are visibly seen around the tub. Bonding agents add a modern finish to the old tub’s surface. The quality of the reglazing will depend on how well the new finish and the old tub surface mesh together. Resilient acrylic finishes are a necessary part of the whole reglazing process. Experienced professionals will use a spraying process to add a new finish to the tub and make it look like new again.

Proprietary bonding agents are highly recommended because of their ability to produce a fine finish. They make the surface of your tub smooth again, and the porcelain will retain its original appearance. Each damaged part of your bathtub has to be repaired during the reglazing process. Some synthetic white coating will do for replacing the original enamel should you be unable to locate an exact match. It’s common knowledge that a bathtub finish can either be sprayed on or brushed on, depending on your personal preference. Spraying is usually the most popular of the two. It will produce a very strong bond between the tub’s surface and the finish.

You’ll need to also apply a primer to the surface. It needs to be applied before adding your final finish coat. Epoxies and polymers are two types of coatings used for bathtub reglazing. You can find kits for reglazing at your local hardware store. Be sure to ask a professional how to go about getting the best results. Always make sure the room you do your reglazing in is well ventilated. Most stripping agents will contain ‘methylene chloride’ which can cause death. The brain’s functions can be highly affected by the vapors. Keeping the room well ventilated and wearing a mask can help to keep you from inhaling too many harmful methylene chloride vapors.

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